Barron's Algebra II

Barron's Algebra II

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As of 2016, the New York State Algebra II curriculum is completely aligned with Common Core Standards. This up-to-date book will prepare students for the new Algebra II (Common Core) Regents exam. It features:

  • The first two actual Regents exams administered for the updated Algebra II Regents
  • All answers thoroughly explained
  • Comprehensive review questions grouped by topic
  • Study tips, test-taking strategies, score analysis charts, and more valuable features
  • Students will find review and practice for all algebra topics, such as Polynomial Equations, Rational Equations, Exponential and Logarithmic Equations, Systems of Equations with three Variables, Functions, Sequences, Probability, and so much more. This book is an essential, must-have guide for the new Algebra II Regents Exam.


This review book offers high school students in New York State advance preparation for the new Common Core Regents Exam in Algebra II. Each chapter covers different exam topics and includes practice exercises in each chapter. The book concludes with two of the first actual Regents exams administered for the updated Algebra II core curriculum. Answers are provided for all questions. Topics covered in this book include Polynomial Functions, Exponents and Equations, Transformation of Functions, Trigonometric Functions and their Graphs, Using Sine and Cosine, and much more.

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LET'S REVIEW ALGEBRA II                                                             9781438008448