Barron's Biology

Barron's Biology

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by Gary Rubinstein M.S. (Author)

This up-to-date book, completely aligned with Common Core standards, will prepare students for the new Algebra I (Common Core) Regents exam. It features:

  • 6 actual Regents exams administered for the updated Algebra I course
  • A clear overview of the Common Core-based Standards and Regents Exam Format
  • Comprehensive review questions, grouped by topic
  • All answers fully explained
  • Study tips, test-taking strategies, score analysis charts, and more valuable features

Students will find a review of all pertinent math topics, including sets, algebraic language, linear equations and formulas, ratios, rates, and proportions, polynomials and factoring, radicals and right triangles, area and volume, quadratic and exponential functions, and much more. It's an essential, must-have guide to preparing for the Algebra I (Common Core) Regents.


This updated biology review book covers all topics prescribed by the New York State Board of Regents and serves as a valuable companion to high school biology textbooks. Two comprehensive study units cover the following material―

  • Unit One explains the process of scientific inquiry, including the understanding of natural phenomena and laboratory testing in biology
  • Unit Two focuses on specific biological concepts, including cell function and structure, the chemistry of living organisms, genetic continuity, the interdependence of living things, the human impact on ecosystems, and several other pertinent topics

    Question sets are included in each section of the book and are accompanied by explanations of answers and wrong choices. Two recent Regents exams are also included with all questions answered. The book also features teachers’ guidelines for developing New York State standards-based learning units.
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LET'S REVIEW: BIOLOGY, THE LIVING ENVIRONMENT                                                           9781438002163