Barron's Global History

Barron's Global History

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Written by experienced, award-winning teachers of global history, this edition has been updated to include significant world events and questions from the most recent New York State Global History Regents Exam. This book offers detailed analyses of the following topics:

  • The basics of world geography
  • The social sciences and their approaches to the growth and development of civilizations

This book is designed primarily to prepare high school students for the New York State Global History Regents Exam. In addition to its comprehensive subject review it also presents recent Regents Exams with answers for the multiple-choice questions. 

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This edition includes the most recent Global Studies/Global History and Geography Regents tests through August 2016. These ever popular guides contain study tips, test-taking strategies, score analysis charts, and other valuable features. They are an ideal source of practice and test preparation. The detailed answer explanations make each exam a practical learning experience. 

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