Singapore Math Mental Grade: 2-7

Singapore Math Mental Grade: 2-7


Solving tricky math problems just got easier! Mental Math Level 2 provides mental calculation strategies from the leading math program in the world, Singapore Math. These strategies will help students solve math problems quickly and accurately while developing a foundation for future math encounters.
The book features 52 practice pages, one page for each week of the year. Each strategy is introduced with an example and guided steps that help students break down problems and compute answers without the aid of written or calculator computation.

Strategies such as ones, tens, and hundreds will help students solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems more effectively. Mental Math is perfect for building and strengthening mental calculation skills!

About Singapore Math

The national math curriculum used in Singapore has been recognized worldwide for its excellence in producing students highly skilled in mathematics. Singapore Math curriculum aims to help students develop the necessary math concepts and process skills for everyday life and to provide students with the ability to formulate, apply, and solve math problems. Mathematics in Singapore Primary (Elementary) Curriculum covers fewer topics but in greater depth. Key math concepts are introduced and built upon to reinforce various mathematical ideas and thinking

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