(NEW!!!) Wordly Wise 3000 Fourth Edition 2018 Grade 1 ~ 12

(NEW!!!) Wordly Wise 3000 Fourth Edition 2018 Grade 1 ~ 12

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NEW! Direct Academic Vocabulary Instruction
Wordly Wise 3000® 4th Edition provides direct academic vocabulary instruction to develop the critical link between vocabulary and reading comprehension.  The robust activities, student engagement, and differentiated instruction provide the flexibility to meet the needs of today’s varying student population.

More Activities and More Engagement to Reach More Students!

More Activities
New engaging, research-based activities align with current state and national standards and assessments and provide a greater variety for students.

More Engagement
Peer sharing and interaction allows students to apply and extend their learning while also providing motivation, engagement, and additional support.  Students engage with their peers during “Turn and Talk” activities by discussing and acting out word knowledge.

Reach More Students
Additional features such as differentiated reading passages, and instructional support allow teachers to work with students performing below-grade-level.  
Wordly Wise 3000 Partners with Quizlet
Students can practice and master their vocabulary with Quizlet – a fun and engaging learning application that can be used anywhere at any time, providing added value for both teachers and students.  These study and game activities offer additional reinforcement for vocabulary words.

Word Matching in action!

Students will
Use Wordly Wise 3000 study sets to practice using words and definitions
Test themselves on their knowledge
Play games to reinforce long-term retention of words

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Wordly Wise 3000 4th Edition    
Student Edition       ISBN
Grade 1                    9780838877012
Grade 2                   9780838877050
Grade 3                   9780838877029
Grade 4                   9780838877043
Grade 5                    9780838877036
Grade 6                    9780838877067
Grade 7                    9780838877074
Grade 8                    9780838877081
Grade 9                    9780838877098
Grade 10                   9780838877104
Grade 11                    9780838877111
Grade 12                   9780838877128

Teacher's Edition                 ISBN

Grade 1                         9780838877142
Grade 2                        9780838877159
Grade 3                         9780838877166
Grade 4                         9780838877173
Grade 5                         9780838877180
Grade 6                         9780838877197
Grade 7                         9780838877203
Grade 8                         9780838877210
Grade 9                         9780838877227
Grade 10                         9780838877234
Grade 11                         9780838877241
Grade 12                         9780838877258