Evan Moore Language Fundamentals (Teacher Resource Book) Grade: 2 - 6+

Evan Moore Language Fundamentals (Teacher Resource Book) Grade: 2 - 6+


Title                                                               ISBN

Language Fundamentals Grade 1          9781596731615

Language Fundamentals Grade 2         9781596731622

Language Fundamentals Grade 3         9781596731639

Language Fundamentals Grade 4         9781596731646

Language Fundamentals Grade 5         9781596731653

Language Fundamentals Grade 6 +      9781596731660

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    Language Fundamentals (Teacher Resource Book) Grade:1 - 6+

    Publishing Co.: Evan-Moor

    Language Fundamentals, Grade 1 will give your first-graders the grade-appropriate practice they need for a broad spectrum of language skills -- grammar, sentences, mechanics, and more. You'll love the test-format review pages and the sentence-editing exercises where students apply the skills to writing. Super companion for Daily Language Review, Grade 1.

    Skills practiced include the following (age-appropriate terminology is used on student pages):

    • Grammar Skills: common, proper, & possessive nouns; verbs; irregular verbs; comparative and superlative adjectives
    • Sentence Skills: complete verses incomplete sentences, subjects and predicates, declarative and interrogative sentences
    • Mechanics Skills: end punctuation; abbreviations of days, titles, and streets; contractions; commas within a series
    • Usage: double negatives, indefinite articles, frequently confused words
    • Vocabulary: rhyming words, synonyms, antonyms, compound words, contractions
    • Sentence Editing: After practicing a skill, use the corresponding pages in this section for application to student writing. Students edit and correct sentences with common errors.