Progress English Language Arts Standards-Based Instruction & Practice Grade k~8

Progress English Language Arts Standards-Based Instruction & Practice Grade k~8

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Student Book
In a full-color, magazine-like design, the Student Worktext supplements your English language arts program by providing opportunities to:

  • Build academic vocabulary

  • Write in response to sources

  • Engage in substantive, academic discussion

  • Use the rules of standard English correctly

  • Read complex text independently

Organized by standards, the Reading and Writing Units are linked by theme. Reading Units incorporate a variety of genre. Writing Units provide instruction and practice for a range of writing types.

Teacher’s Edition
Effectively supplement English language arts instruction—reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language—with:

  • Learning Progressions that show how standards are developed in the previous, current, and next grades to target instruction

  • Instructional models and plans for every lesson based on the gradual release of responsibility model

  • Support for ELLs, struggling learners, and early finishers

  • Assessment tools that include easy-to-use rubrics, If-Then charts, Analyze Scores charts, and pacing guides—all at point of use

    Gr.K 9781421730509, 9781421730608
    Gr.1 9781421730516, 9781421730615
    Gr.2 9781421730523, 9781421730622
    Gr.3 9781421730530, 9781421730639
    Gr.4 9781421730547, 9781421730646
    Gr.5 9781421730554, 9781421730653
    Gr.6 9781421730561, 9781421730660
    Gr.7 9781421730578, 9781421730677
    Gr.8 9781421730585, 9781421730684

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