Spectrum Science

Spectrum Science


Science taps into a kid’s natural curiosity. Help your child explore fascinating facts and compelling passages with a workbook that generates interest and teaches key concepts. Spectrum® Science for grade 3 introduces, reviews, and reinforces the skills your child needs to thrive in this subject.

Cultivate a love for science by providing standards-based practice that captures children’s attention. Spectrum Science for grade 3 provides interesting informational text and fascinating facts about elements, compounds, irrigation, animal habitats, and the invention of radio.

When children develop a solid understanding of science, they’re preparing for success. Spectrum Science for grades 3-8 improves scientific literacy and inquiry skills with an exciting exploration of natural, Earth, life, and applied sciences. With the help of this best-selling series, your little scientist can discover and appreciate our extraordinary world!

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TITLE                                  ISBN
Spectrum Science Gr.3      9781483811673
Spectrum Science Gr.4      9781483811680
Spectrum Science Gr.5      9781483811697
Spectrum Science Gr.6      9781483811703
Spectrum Science Gr.7      9781483811710
Spectrum Science Gr.8      9781483811727